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  • AlterCulture Records - About us:

    AlterCulture Records is a very small independent record label, intent on releasing quality electronic music, promoting social justice, and introducing prospectives to challenge people to think critically about the world around them.

    AlterCulture was launched by Chris Sevanick in June 1995 with the cassette release of Mindless Faith's The Silence. This release became available on CD in January 1996, and later gained distribution through Metropolis Records and National Record Mart's chain of stores in the US and Broken Seal in Europe. The Silence was followed by The Unquiet Void's Scorpio, AlterCulture Records label sampler Distention, and Mindless Faith's second CD Manifest Destiny.

    In 2004, Mindless Faith signed with Metropolis Records (USA) and Dependent Records (Germany) and AlterCulture ceased operations. Now with the release of Mindless Faith's side project Grains of Sound, AlterCulture has been revived.

    AlterCulture Records staff:

    Chris Sevanick - Owner/Manager

    Jasin Sevanick - Asst. Manager

    HGL Studios - Webmaster

    Ryan Speth - Photographer

    Tamas Tuboly ( - Photos used in AlterCulture web header

    Chris Kristof - Techical Advisor

    Former Interns: Yana K. and Bradley Z.

    Grains of Sound

    Mindless Faith
    Manifest Destiny