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    After a three year hiatus, AlterCulture Records rises from the ashes to give it one more shot. Mindless Faith's new chillout side-project GRAINS OF SOUND will release a two CD set, Down and Under, available together or seperately. Down is the downtempo volume and Under will be similar but a seperate volume of ambient with no beats. Then MINDESS FAITH will release their 4th full length CD, followed by releases by Holon and Statiq Bloom!



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    Gothic Beauty "Mindless Faith waste no time with their first track 'Vultures', turning your world upside down as they hurdle you through the depths of dark and chaotic post-industrial soundscapes. You can almost imagine yourself caught in a post-apocalyptic landscape with Jasin and Chris Sevanick belting against the backdrop of wasted and desolated factories still churning and grinding, their giant metal cogs only to be commanded now by their music..." - (issue # 4)

    Outburn Magazine "5 out of 5!" (Oct 2000)

    Side-Line Magazine "If you were going to buy one industrial CD this year, this is the CD you should invest your money in." (Issue #34)

    Bleeding Minds Zine - "MINDLESS FAITH are one of the most creative and intelligent industrial/EBM acts out there and this cd is proof of it...this release just plain kicks ass!!!"

    Starvox E-zine "There is no shortage of excellent production quality and sound nor creative style and talent to be found anywhere on this album..."

    Starvox Mindless Faith was chosen by two staff members for "The Staff's Top Ten of 2000" at

    Wrapped In Wire "Thirteen excellent tracks ranging from intense guitar driven heavy industrial rock to dark melodic electro industrial..." "Each song manages to sound different allowing them to all stand out on their own." Wrapped In Wire

    Legends Magazine "An infectious, riveting ensemble of grungy guitars, impressive keyboard layouts and...the placement of such intricacies within the music that create a truly insurmountable sound experience" "It's DAMN good industrial" Legends Magazine

    Movement Magazine "A good solid industrial album with the right combination of electronics and heavy guitar that is sure to appeal to industrial/metal fans" Movement Magazine

    DISTENTION cover
    DISTENTION - AlterCulture Records Label Sampler - OUT NOW!

    Exclusive mixes and new tracks from AlterCulture's artists, running the gamut from pounding industrial to dark ambient and all the shades in between. Enjoy this compilation of up-and-coming talent with your favorite altered state or dance the night away as the world burns and a new millenium dawns.


    review in Starvox E-zine (by Stephanie Quinlan)

    excerpts: "... they've put out such an intelligent, engaging compilation."

    "Distention is unique in that it offers an average of three songs from each artist, providing a comprehensive look at their musical strengths and styles. The result is a very satisfying listening experience."

    Mindless Faith... The crunchy beats of "Rat Race" kick off the compilation in fine style, while the slower, more melodic "Strained" shows us the flipside of the band's style. "All These Years" is pure dance floor energy... Deep chords lead us into the frantic hell of "Prodigy", an angry, intense song that leaves the listener drained, as if in the wake of a catharsis.

    Gears Slowly Grinding is a side project of Mindless Faith. Gone are the heavy beats and distorted vocals of the latter; this project is all about sonic texture. Layers and waves of ambient sound mingle with haunting female vocals on "Induce", a song that reminds me very much of Chris and Cosey. "Delusion" is heavier, and sinister. Indistinct voices whisper and chatter as a piano plays quietly in the background. Static rises and dies, the voices increase, and still the piano plays through until the end.

    The Unquiet Void... To listen to this band is to sink into a sleep full of beautiful, disturbing dreams. The tracks defy individual description. Together, they form a aural landscape full of peaks and valleys. The melodies and rhythms are flawless, deep and rich without being melodramatic, and full of subtle effects that makes the difference between monotony and captivation. Perfect late night music to meditate to.

    Vivid Liquid is the solo project of label owner Chris Sevanick. Less sweeping than The Unquiet Void, the ambient sounds of Vivid Liquid are grandiose nonetheless. A steady drum beat anchors "The Tear" as higher pitched keyboard effects percolate slowly, rising to wonderful heights.

    review in Deadwyre E-zine (by Ian Ross)

    This comp was put together by the boys at Alterculture Records as a sampler of what their young label has to offer. There are five bands featured here: Mindless Faith, Raudive Voices, Gears Slowly Grinding, The Unquiet Void, and Vivid Liquid. The first 4 tracks are from Mindless Faith, which is a coldwave act hailing from Pittsburgh, I believe. Very cool stuff. Nice blending of electronics and guitar. The vocals are sung very well too, instead of the all-too familiar "growling through a fuzzbox". The nest three tracks are from Raudive Voices. This band is rather experimental at times, and noisy at others. Decent vocals, good programming. I am especially fond of the percussion. Gears Slowly Grinding's track "Induce" opens very well with a beautiful and dark ambient soundscape. It grabbed my attention right away. A slow groove kicks in, and I just have to sit back and smile. This track would fit well in a movie. I really want to hear more from this act. The Unquiet Void is in a similar vein as Gears Slowly Grinding; slow to mid-tempo grooves with electronic soundscapes in the background. Good percussion here. I'm really likin' this stuff. Vivid Liquid is again, similar to the aforementioned acts. Very well crafted material. This comp really impressed me. Good job, guys!

    an extensive review in Legends magazine (by Marcus Pan)

    excerpt: The release is very professional with excellent production, good packaging and even a CD-ROM track on the disc that holds band info and a pre-release of Mindless Faith's Contaminated video in MOV format. (In reference to Mindless Faith) "...a tough act to follow - whether they be on stage or on disc." "They are said to be very aggressive and outright stomping during live shows... creating a scene nearly out of Bladerunner from what I could see on their Contaminated and All These Years videos - the latter of which I have on a VHS tape locked away in a safe somewhere (hey, this thing might be worth money someday!)." "Their first track here, Rat Race, is an excellent song to start up any rivet-head dance floor."

    review in Godsend magazine (by Todd Zachritz)

    excerpt: "This sampler of music from the growing AlterCulture label showcases 5 young electronic acts." "...AlterCulture shows much promise with this sampler. I'll be curious to hear future developments."

    review at (by DJ Dysdynia)

    Distention is a display of talent for an up and coming records label called AlterCulture Records. Mindless Faith, Ruadive, Gears Slowly Grinding, The Unquiet Void and Vivid Liquid come together on this one CD for five different sounds with some similarities.

    Mindless Faith has the first four tracks. The tracks are coated with heavy laden beats, absorbing melodic keyboards and harsh (but not overly layered distorted) vocals. All tracks have tight woven sound and are danceable.
    On the contrary, there is Raudive Voices which has the corner of organized chaotic experimental industrial. "Flicker," and "Accused" are slightly more involving, disoriented and less club friendly then their last track "Dessau." Very Creative. It is impossible to know all the things going on in their songs through just one listening.
    Gears Slowly Grinding is defiantly an aura, atmospheric side project. The songs "Induce" and "Delusion" are soundscapes with a pace. Melodies are filled with lots of juicy ebb and flow. Reviewer�s note - "Induce" is one of those songs that you close your eyes to, turn out the lights and let your imagination go. Personally, my imagination went to 2 weird alien creatures making alien-love in a wild scenescape, umm... but I am sure it�s different for everybody.
    Next is The Unquiet Void, who have also been represented on another well-known compilation called The Unquiet Grave. The tracks done by this group are more intricate and developed than their companion Gears Slowly Grinding. They have the same modus operandi but two different ways of going about it and they develope completely different sounds. The Unquiet Void keeps the music without any notable beats and vocal-less.
    Finally, Vivid Liquid comes in with lyricless, heavy sythnthesized chime and eerie ambiance.
    In all, I believe once the word gets out on the label, people will be hearing alot from these guys. They have the talent and the innovation to succeed.

    By: Michael Stewart, Merrimack College Argus Newspaper, Editor-In-Chief

    Do you like dark, Electro, Goth and Industrial music? Something with a good beat and synth? Something with strong lyrical value that captures a strong feeling? Well we have something here for you! AlterCulture Records sampler,entitled "Distention," features a band on this compilation called Mindless Faith which would fit perfectly into those categories. It truly is an art and takes an artist to capture a feeling or moment in time and record it for our audio pleasure. Mixing poetry, which is basically heart felt, with a music that suits the lyrical situation or feel is a beautiful art and Mindless Faith has done it perfectly. Mindless Faith is reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails from the "Pretty Hate Machine" days mixed with flavors of C-Tec and Front 242. Other bands featured on this great Electro-Industrial compilation include Raudive Voices, Gears Slowly Grinding, The Unquiet Void and Vivid Liquid. All in all this sampler contains 14 great tracks and has a multimedia CD-ROM video track of Mindless Faith live from Club Laga in Pittsburgh, PA on January 1, 1998. Check out this killer CD and great bands online at or email them at on how you can obtain a copy of this great compilation.

    SCORPIO cover 6/1/99 - AlterCulture Records second CD, Scorpio by The Unquiet Void is now available.

    "SCORPIO is one of the best releases I've heard in years. The heavily effected music sweeps over you, seeps into you and takes you over. The Unquiet Void create dark ambient music in its purest form. I cannot think of another band that does it as effectively." ~ Mike Vanportfleet (Lycia)

    Grains of Sound

    Mindless Faith
    Manifest Destiny