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"Sweeeet tracks!" 
- Carbon Based Lifeforms 

" excellent job as always!"
- DJ Christopher Lawrence

"The sounds you use and your style is mind-bending incredible."
-  Marcus Maichel, X-DREAM

"Fucking brilliant EP. Love the music"  
- Colin Bennun (OOOD)

"You won't hear a better piece of spacemusic, in this galaxy or any other."


Grains of Sound is the progressive psy-trance to downtempo psychill to beatless ambient project from brothers Chris (Exeris) & Jason Sevanick, - dance, chill, or zone, they have you covered. If that wasn't enough, the brothers gained notoriety with their industrial act, Mindless Faith

This past summer, Grains of Sound performed, among other festivals, in The Chill Dome at Ozora, the renowned global gathering. Their latest release is an EP on their own AlterCulture Records called The Dome which features five psychill and one beatless psybient tracks and attempts to share the amazing ambient experience of The Dome. 

In 2007, Grains of Sound released their double-disc debut album "Rays of Life", comprised of Vol. 1 Down (downtempo) and Vol. 2 Under (ambient), on AlterCulture Records. Their follow up triple-disc album "Sine Language" (2010) received even greater acclaim for their exploration of different styles and energy levels. From atmospheric progressive psy-trance, to lush soundscapes and deep downtempo beats, to vast evolving layers which leave all beats behind, pure ambient intoxication. 

In 2012 Pharmacy Music released "Eager Fingers" and "Paradigm Bag" which showcased the duo's beautifully rich soundscapes driven by a progressive psychedelic trance core. So in 2013, Pharmacy asked Grains of Sound to remix "Beyond the Limit" by John "00" Fleming and Christopher Lawrence. 

Grains of Sound has also had tracks featured on various compilations including most recently on BMSS Records in April 2017. Grains of Sound also continues to perform in the US and Europe, past festival bookings include. Ozora (Hungary), New Healing (Germany), Life Celebration (Croatia), Goa Dupa (Poland), Zagoa (Morocco), and Gaian Mind (US).