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Mindless Faith is an industrial band that doesn’t always adhere to that format, with shards of diverse styles jabbing out from their electronic rock core.   Their songs have often centered on iconoclastic views of social and political themes.  Formed in the mid 90’s by brothers Jason and Chris Sevanick, Mindless Faith cut their teeth in Pittsburgh PA for several years before diverging to NYC, Baltimore, and DC.  With guitarist Rick Furr fused into the nucleus, Mindless Faith has performed far and wide in the US, with stints into Europe. 

Throughout their independent career, Mindless Faith has received more mainstream recognition for their remixes of Nine Inch Nails, Jane’s Addiction, Frontline Assembly, Velvet Acid Christ, the Tron Legacy theme, and plenty more. 

Recent Mindless Faith albums have featured the evocative lyrics of Paul Green and a cast of other talented collaborators like vocalist and designer Kim Dylla. Since the release of the hard-hitting album 'Eden to Abyss' in 2015, Mindless Faith has returned to the studio to craft a more cinematic full-length opus titled 'Insectual' - inspired by the creatures on Earth that were here long before and will be here long after humanity has come and gone.  'Insectual' was released on October 10, 2019.