AlterCulture Studios - Scoring, Licensing, Remixing, & Teaching:

AlterCulture Studios has been producing music for 26 years, primarily as the electronic/rock/industrial hybrid band Mindless Faith and the ambient psy-trance act Grains of Sound.  However, they continually push the limits of those genres by incorporating other elements as diverse as breakbeat, techno, trip-hop, house, metal, hip-hop, ethnic/world, acoustic, reggae, dub, dancehall, dubstep, and funk.  AlterCulture Studios has scored seven independent short films (screened at film festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, and New York International Independent Film & Video Festival).  For these films, they provided all audio post production, including dialog editing, sound effects/foley, music composition, mixing, and mastering.  Through instrumentation and/or melodies they are able to establish motifs for characters. 

AlterCulture Studios also licensed their music for a variety of uses, including MTV reality shows (Bunim Murray) as well as the X-box 360 video game Project Gotham Racing 3.  Their music has been released on 11 full-length albums, an EP, several singles, a few covers, and over 40 compilation appearances on record labels in North America, Europe, and Asia.  They have remixed 17 other artists such as a remix of Jane's Addiction released by Capitol Records and an unofficial remix of Daft Punk which has over half a million views on YouTube.

Quotes about our remix work:  
- "It's one of the best remixes I've heard!" - Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails)  

- " excellent job as always!" - DJ Christopher Lawrence  

- "This is so fucking bad ass. This remix is the bomb. This is a club hit."  - Bryan Erikson (Velvet Acid Christ)  

Velvet Acid Christ and Front Line Assembly liked our remixes so much they asked for the stems and do our versions live!  

We also have experience teaching audio production to others  Contact us now for remixes, scoring, licensing, or teaching.

Some Examples of Our Remix Work

 Original Mix

 Our Remix

Original Mix

Our Remix

Original Mix

Our Remix

Full list of remixes, most recent first:

Until My Heart Bleeds - Until My Heart Bleeds (Mindless Faith Remix) 
Until My Heart Bleeds - Ripped Apart 
Until My Heart Bleeds 2015 

Bombenkinder - Scumrise (Mindless Faith Remix) 
digital single 
Bombenkinder 2014 

Aesthetische - Punch! (Remix by Mindless Faith) 
Aesthetische - Powerswitch (Deluxe Bonus Tracks Version) 
Alfa Matrix 2012 

Stars and The Sea - Beautiful Odd Girl (Mindless Faith Remix)
digital single Stars and The Sea 2012 

Unit 187 - Rolling Vengeance (Mindless Faith Remix) 
Unit 187 - Transfusion 
Vendetta Music 2012 

Jane's Addiction - Irresistible Force (Mindless Faith Remix) 
digital single 
Capitol Records/EMI 2011 

Daft Punk - The Game Has Changed (Mindless Faith Mix) 
unofficial remix, youtube, soundcloud, Side-Line app 
Dec 2010 
Remix of the TRON Legacy Theme with just the trailers released online (not the best quality), so didn't have the individual tracks like a real remix. 

Velvet Acid Christ - Caustic Disco (Mindless Faith Remix) 
Velvet Acid Christ - Caustic Disco (7xFile, MP3, Single) 
Metropolis Records 2010 
Various - Dependence - Next Level Electronics 2010 (CD, Comp) 
Dependent Records 2010 

Front Line Assembly - Angriff (Mindless Faith Remix) 
Front Line Assembly - Angriff [Remix] EP 
Dependent Records 2010 (CD, digital)
Metropolis Records 2010 (digital)

Seabound vs Mindless Faith - Domination Vs. Bound 
Seabound - When Black Beats Blue [Rarities] 
Metropolis Records 2009 

Interface - Destination (Mindless Faith Remix) 
Various - Cryonica Tanz V.5 (2xCD, Comp) 
Cryonica Music 2008 
Interface - Destination Focus (CD, EP, Ltd) 
Nilaihah Records 2008 

XP8 - Dreamt Of Blue (Mindless Faith Remix) 
Various - Advanced Electronics Vol. 6 
Synthetic Symphony 2008 

Thrid Relam - Forsaken (Mindless Faith Remix) 
Third Realm - Under The Black Light 
Third Realm 2007 

Hypofixx - Shattered From The Inside (Mindless Faith Remix) 
Hypofixx - Shattered From The Inside (CD, Maxi) 
Lashdigit Records 2006 

Nine Inch Nails - Only (Mindless Faith Mix) 
Nine Inch Nails - Only official contest remix 
Nov 2005 
Mixing parts of Mindless Faith songs from their album Medication for the Misinformed (not out at the time), with Trent's vocals and other NIN parts, it was submitted to and won remix contests hosted by radio stations DC101 in Washington, DC; K-Rock in New York City; WYSP in Philadelphia, and 97.9X in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Was also legally available for download at and quickly became the mix of choice by industrial DJ's. 

Q.E.D. - Islands (Mindless Faith vs. Valentin Club Mix) 
Q.E.D. - Islands 
Aardvark Records 2005 

Chemicals (Mindless Faith Mix) 
SMP - Hacked (CD, Album) 
Underground, Inc., Invisible 2002