1. Next to Last

From the recording Just Defy

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Jason - vox/syn/gtr/drums/lyrics, Exeris - syn, Monica Durant - vox


The next fad will be as lame as the last
The next big name will be more of the same
The next tech craze blown out of proportion
The next time around, but without the shame

The next good idea will be snuffed out
Or co-opted and then metastasize
The next best thing will be unsatisfying
The next generation will be victimized

The last will be the first
The first will be last (or)
The last will be left behind
The first will just laugh

The last dance will be probably slow and awkward
The last dollar will have little worth
The last laugh will probably sound like a cyclone
The last resort for a stoic earth

The last chance will feel for real like a bother
The last hurrah, an arrhythmic pace
The last page won't have words, just scribbles
The last telecast will just be a waste

The hype is all you need to buy

Whatever's next,
Whatever's left,
Whatever's last,
Each time will pass