1. Corporati$m

From the recording Just Defy

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Jason - vox/syn/gtr/drums/lyrics, Exeris - syn/lyrics, Paul - lyrics


I'm a wall street criminal
I got gold man sacks
Just a thief
Robbin' u to the max

I'm government sanctioned
And government backed
The dice are loaded
The deck is stacked

Misery is money
And business is booming
Lottery for losers
The axes are looming

Depression is dollars
And pity is pennies
A market for suckers
The bookies are winning

Still selling free trade
As the path to salvation
A shellgame enshrined
Through corrupt legislation
Our long term loss
For their short term gain
You can have hope
But don't expect a change

We lost it all
But who gives a shit
Stupid Americans
Still give us a gift

Don't pay no tax
On my free trillion fifty
My friends at the SEC
Yeah, they got me

Still haven't caught on
To what this is
We loan it back
Now we're back in biz

Scam you once
Maybe bad luck
But every decade
You're stupid fucks

Somewhere out there Malthus is smiling
As we lay waste to resources through all our coniving
Over-indulge in consumer yearnings
Life is more than quarterly earnings

A ponzi scheme
Casualties of commerce
Another bubble is growing
Every breath makes it worse

Capitols are corrupt
And the brokers are breaking
Equity is envy
You give what they're taking

Too big to fail?
Too corrupt to care
End corporate welfare