From the recording Just Defy

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You Don't Know...

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Jason - vox/syn/drums/lyrics, Exeris - syn, MindCage - gtr


I ain't your bitch, so do me a favor
Keep your mouth shut, you don't know shit
Always dance on the edge of a razor
This time you've gone too far

You know we see right through your lies
But you forget
You don't know shit
You want to have me on a string
Like your plaything
You don't know shit
Acting like wolves, but you are sheep
Your friends are thieves
You don't know shit
You're searching for love in reverse
But it won't work
You don't know...

I'm not your piss-boy, so shake it off later
Tape your mouth shut, it seeps out shit
Indulge your sins and pimp out your saviour
This time you've gone too far

Everybody knows that you lied
They know what you've done