From the recording Just Defy

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Vultures (Let Us Prey Mix)

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Jason - vox/syn/gtr/drums/lyrics, Exeris - syn, MindCage - gtr


There's no right
There is no wrong
Just different way to come undone
Along the way to deviation
Anticipating oblivion
Hold me back
Just let me go
You know I can't take much more
All this time spent grinding teeth and
All this time spent keeping score

Vultures are out tonight
They've got their hidden agendas
But we can't relax
No we can't surrender

Rememeber when we jumped off a bridge
You learned to fly
I slept with the fish
Now your head is in the clouds
Out of touch just like you wished

Entrenched in commerce
And Holywood flare
Brought down by vultures
'Cause no one cares