1. Shit Show

From the recording Eden to Abyss

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Shit Show

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Jason Sevanick - Vox/Drums/Syn/Gtr/Bass Gtr
Monica Durant - Vox

Lyrics by Paul Green and Jason Sevanick


Just another shit show today
No bubbles, no sprinkles, no cake
The world as it was before I found some fuzz
To blur things that all look the same

Just another shit show today
All aching, all breaking, all pain
My life on a spit as his gaze roasts it
Till I burn and blacken in flames

What have I lost? What have I found?
What have I ever gained?
What have I learned? what have I fought?
What have I ever saved?

Just another shit show today
No spotlights, no music, no stage
My lies as they are with some feathers and tar
That he sticks and then rips off my frame

Just another shit show today
All failures, all losers, all shame
My head in the sand, dug by my own hands
With no place now left free of chains

I should have known
Just how it goes
There's no way to win
It's just a shit show

I should have known it would be a shit show