1. Leachate

From the recording Eden to Abyss

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Jason Sevanick - Vox/Gtr/Drums/Syn
Rick Furr - Gtr
Paul Green - Strings
Kim Dylla - Vox

Lyrics by Jason Sevanick and Paul Green


I'm catching a ride out to the landfill
I open my mouth till the shit rolls downhill
Everything here is nothing that's needed
Just 'cause I'm leaching, don't mean I'm defeated

Vile and putrid
I'm nothing more

Nothing more than leachate
A vile and putrid sound
I know that I'm toxic
In a useless, wasted underground

Come out with me, out to the landfill
Rrr#*!, another cheap thrill
Everything here is nothing that's wanted
Polluted, deluded, I'm still undaunted

Come out for a drink
Come out for the stink
You never cared before
So why would you think?
From out on our heap
We'll watch the last pillars fall
Cause nothing else matters
Once the landfill calls