1. Dead Inside

From the recording Eden to Abyss

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Dead Inside

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Jason Sevanick - Vox/Drums/Gtr/Bass Gtr/Syn
Rick Furr - Gtr
Chris Sevanick - Syn

Lyrics by Paul Green and Jason Sevanick


Dead inside, the monster hears
The beating of a heart
Time as sand, runs underhand
A desert full of loss

Dead inside, the lizard speaks
In lies and some truths
Degrade with sex, undo what's next
Let the weak corrupt the youth

Dead inside

Dead inside, the creature feeds
Drowning in a thirst
A breeding ground to be found
Creeping closer in the dirt

Dead inside, the lizard grows
Shedding off its skin
Like foreign hands in the dark
Crawl under then within

No reason we're here
On this desolate Earth
Abandon our hearts
In a hopeless reverse