1. Bound

From the recording Medication for the Misinformed

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J. Sevanick - syn, gtr, vox, beats
C. Sevanick - syn

Lyrics by J. Sevanick


there's always a cage in search of a bird
we're chained
bound by a choice, betrayed by our words
we're framed
like rats in a lab, behave for rewards
we're trained
and your thumb's up your ass
as you wait for a change

i'm sick of things the way they are

our longings and assumptions
become our leashes

there is a cage around your mind,
around my heart, but we still deny
a sinking ship, an albatross
bound together in a paradise lost

we always get close but we can't
or won't understand
we're drained
with stars around our heads
and blood on our hands
we're stained
we could be more but
we'd rather pretend
a sick game
get close but we can't...

when the mercury's rising
and the sky is falling
and your tv has drowned out
a world that's calling
don't try to tell me
you cannot, you will not,
you won't see it coming
it's too late
i'm sorry will all mean nothing