From the recording Medication for the Misinformed

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The Dust of Centuries

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J. Sevanick - syn, vox, beats, acoustic gtr
Monica Robles - vox
C. Sevanick - duster

Lyrics by J. Sevanick


they've done it for some gold
we've done it for petrol
they'll do it for your souls
'cause the monkey with the beard said so

beneath the dust of centuries
lie parliaments and majesties
and everything and nothing
is it in our blood? or in books we read?
in narrow bands of light we see?
still trying to find an essence

there's a signal in the noise
that's created and destroyed
there's a dust we can't avoid
the scavengers will claim the spoils

is this what they wanted?
are we the dream?
is this the foreseen dystopia?
is a paradise buried
beneath the centuries?
we're always somewhere in between