1. Overkill

From the recording Insectual

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Jason Sevanick – Drums, Synth, Bass Gtr, Voice
Monica Durant – Vocals
Rick Furr – Gtr
Paul Green – Violin

Lyrics by Paul Green


Oxygen warmer than water
Nourishment brighter than light
Activity feeling like affliction
An apple begging for a bite

Overkill all I need
Fresh feathers and falling leaves
Intentions that I misread
Hand to mouth, word and deed
Saccharine stains on sheets
Cold glances across rotting meats
Overkill all I need
Burning crops, sowing seeds

Overkill all I get
The one writhing in the net
Fun games to follow next
Lost love, mistaken sex
Quick gasp, masturbated minds
Long sighs, unregretted lies
Overkill all I need
A cage that I cannot leave

Overkill all I raise
A lamb that cannot be saved
Sunshine onto heavy shades
Young shoots under cutting blades
Stretched pupils on beating hearts
Quiet calm ‘fore the killing starts
Overkill all I need
Needle deep, watch it bleed