1. Maggots

From the recording Insectual

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Jason Sevanick – Drums, Bass Gtr, Gtr, Synth, Vocals

Lyrics by Jason Sevanick and Paul Green


Maggots feeding on the carcass of the body politic, the body politic, yeah
Maggots filling up the screens, with their fabrications and hypocrisies
Salt of the Earth are licked, to a point they are convinced
To obfuscate the future with a pompous thin-skinned fucktard narcissist

Maggots slavering when it's rancid, it all goes acrid, and sociopathic
Maggots still making excuses for their autocrat’s abuses
Crying they’re victimized, while they push the facts aside
The New Nixon dispersing hope with many scapegoats, many scapegoats

Our very own Il Duce
Leads the way
To renew America
With some old-fashioned fascism

Maggots spreading as we hollow out
Supreme Court too old to stand and shout, yeah
The New Nixon waving the flag,
A populist rag, there’s no right to brag, yeah
An apprentice taking the fall
Better believe the high fool made the call
A maggot-mouthful for a swan song
Check for feeling, but the feeling’s gone