1. Detritus

From the recording Insectual

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Jason Sevanick – Acoustic Gtr, Bass Gtr, Drums, Synth
Dave Taylor – Voice
Paul Green – Cello, Viola

Words by Paul Green


Bugs stick to you
After they’re dead, I mean
They always stick
You can fish a bug out of your drink
A drowned, soaking wet bug
And it sticks to you
Most things get slippy wet
But not bugs
You can’t shake them off
Or flick them off
You try to flick one off
But it’s stays on your fingernail
A tiny dead thing stuck to you
I bet that’s how Mother Earth feels
Like she’s got all these bugs stuck to her
All dead
Splattered to her by our own devices
As well as some of her’s
We’re bugs lying rotting or
Floating face down in a big glass of water
I bet she’d rather shake all us off into space
The ones buried inside her clothes
And the dead ones stuck to her skin